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As a Google Apps Authorized Reseller, one of the most valuable services we can provide is helping our customers understand how the features of each Google application can solve everyday problems. This page provides a guided tour of short videos and other resources that teach the basics of Google Apps and point to some tips and tricks shared by customers and Googlers.

General Product Overview

Companies that are growing are doing so by maximizing their employee productivity.  Ideas such as cross-functional teams, telecommuting and mobility have changed the landscape of the corporate worker.  We believe it's time their toolkits adapt with them.  We once used screwdrivers and hammers, we now use power drills and nail guns.  We once used client based email and word processing, we're now ready for the Cloud.  We're ready for Google Apps.

Google Apps Overview (1:58) on YouTube®

Training walkthrough


Gone are the days of 'You have exceeded your mail quota, you cannot send mail until you delete mail from your mailbox', resulting in deletion of emails that later turn out to be important.  But Gmail isn't just about more storage. Gmail also includes Google Search across all of your email, so you can find that email Nancy sent last year about the TPS report (search for "Nancy TPS").  This helps you find information much faster than sorting by sender and trying to remember subject line or the date it was sent.  And Gmail's other features – like labels, message threading and integrated text, voice and video chat – help you get more done with your time.  Gmail can take a bit of getting used to, but once you have the hang of it, you'll never look back

Gmail Overview (3:31) on YouTube®

Training walkthrough

Google Calendar

Trying to find a time when a group of co-workers are all free?  Check the box next to each co-worker's name, see each calendar appear alongside your own, and scan for the empty space.  No more guessing only to find out that people have existing conflicts.  Google Calendar is accessible from any computer with a browser and is available from many different mobile phones, so you can manage your schedule from anywhere.

Google Calendar Overview (0:37) on YouTube®

Training walkthrough

Google Sites

You want IT to build a project management repository for you, but it's asking for a cost/benefit justification for the thousands of dollars of hardware and software that would be required.  So instead you fall back to taking notes on a whiteboard or paper, only to find them erased, misplaced or just hard to search and share with colleagues.  Google Sites allows you to maintain information online – meeting notes, project plans, partners portals and more.  None of this requires any additional IT support and it's as easy as creating a document.  Information in your sites is always available and searchable to easily reference in the future.

Google Sites Overview (2:26) on YouTube®

Training walkthrough

Google Docs (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations)

What sounds better?  Creating a spreadsheet, emailing it to several coworkers for their feedback and spending hours rebuilding the master spreadsheet, or creating your spreadsheet, sharing it as an online Google Doc and allowing co-workers to contribute their edits directly to the master document without you having to reconcile their changes?  The time you save by not hassling with attachments or having to deal with multiple copies of the same file lets you get to the priorities that you never had time for before.

Google Docs Overview (2:50)on YouTube®

Training walkthrough

Google Video "YouTube® for your domain"

Text documentation is the perfect way to train people, assuming they actually read the words.  Or maybe your CEO wants to share the latest update with the whole company.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video can communicate a message better than any other format.  Google Video works like YouTube, but it's safe and secure so you can share videos internally within your company.

Google Video Overview (2:26) on YouTube®

How-to videos for Google Video

Google Talk (text, video, and voice chat)

Email conversations sometimes are just too slow.  Why wait several hours for a response you can get in ten seconds?  With Google Talk you can chat right from your inbox.  Including video and audio chat.  Google Talk users can see their colleagues' status (online, busy, offline), allowing them to send a chat when you need a quick answer, they can even chat as a reply to an email message. And it's easy to connect with your co-workers, because their IM accounts are connected to their business email accounts.

Google Talk text, voice, and videoo chat overview (1:08) on YouTube®

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